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Checkbox screenshot

Checkboxes allow the user to select one or more items from a set.

Design & API Documentation


npm install @material/checkbox

Basic Usage

We recommend using MDC Checkbox with MDC Form Field for enhancements such as label alignment, label activation of the ripple interaction effect, and RTL-awareness.

<div class="mdc-form-field">
  <div class="mdc-checkbox">
    <input type="checkbox"
    <div class="mdc-checkbox__background">
      <svg class="mdc-checkbox__checkmark"
           viewBox="0 0 24 24">
        <path class="mdc-checkbox__checkmark-path"
              d="M1.73,12.91 8.1,19.28 22.79,4.59"/>
      <div class="mdc-checkbox__mixedmark"></div>
  <label for="checkbox-1">Checkbox 1</label>

Note: If you are using IE, you need to include a closing </path> tag if you wish to avoid console warnings.


@import "@material/form-field/mdc-form-field";
@import "@material/checkbox/mdc-checkbox";

JavaScript Instantiation

The checkbox will work without JavaScript, but you can enhance it with a ripple interaction effect by instantiating MDCCheckbox on the mdc-checkbox element. To activate the ripple effect upon interacting with the label, you must also instantiate MDCFormField on the mdc-form-field element and set the MDCCheckbox instance as its input.

import {MDCFormField} from '@material/form-field';
import {MDCCheckbox} from '@material/checkbox';

const checkbox = new MDCCheckbox(document.querySelector('.mdc-checkbox'));
const formField = new MDCFormField(document.querySelector('.mdc-form-field'));
formField.input = checkbox;

See Importing the JS component for more information on how to import JavaScript.



Note that mdc-checkbox--disabled is necessary on the root element of CSS-only checkboxes to prevent hover states from activating. Checkboxes that use the JavaScript component do not need this class; a disabled attribute on the <input> element is sufficient.

<div class="mdc-checkbox mdc-checkbox--disabled">
  <input type="checkbox"
         disabled />
  <div class="mdc-checkbox__background">
    <svg class="mdc-checkbox__checkmark"
         viewBox="0 0 24 24">
      <path class="mdc-checkbox__checkmark-path"
            d="M1.73,12.91 8.1,19.28 22.79,4.59"/>
    <div class="mdc-checkbox__mixedmark"></div>
<label for="basic-disabled-checkbox" id="basic-disabled-checkbox-label">This is my disabled checkbox</label>

Style Customization

MDC Checkbox uses MDC Theme’s secondary color by default for “marked” states (i.e., checked or indeterminate).

Sass Mixins

The following mixins apply only to enabled checkboxes. It is not currently possible to customize the color of a disabled checkbox.

Mixin Description
mdc-checkbox-container-colors($unmarked-stroke-color, $unmarked-fill-color, $marked-stroke-color, $marked-fill-color, $generate-keyframes) Generates CSS classes to set and animate the stroke color and/or container fill color of a checkbox
mdc-checkbox-ink-color($color) Sets the ink color of the checked and indeterminate icons
mdc-checkbox-focus-indicator-color($color) Sets the color of the focus indicator (ripple) when checkbox is selected or is in indeterminate state.
mdc-checkbox-touch-dimension($touch-dimension) Sets the touch dimension of the checkbox.

The ripple effect for the Checkbox component is styled using MDC Ripple mixins.

mdc-checkbox-container-colors($unmarked-stroke-color, $unmarked-fill-color, $marked-stroke-color, $marked-fill-color, $generate-keyframes)

Stroke and fill color may be customized independently in both the marked and unmarked state.

All parameters are optional, and if left unspecified will use their default values.

If you plan to use CSS-only checkboxes, set $generate-keyframes to false to prevent the mixin from generating @keyframes and CSS classes used by the JavaScript component.

Caveat: Edge and CSS Variables

In browsers that fully support CSS variables, MDC Checkbox references CSS variables wherever theme properties are used. However, due to Edge’s buggy CSS variable support, the background-color for .mdc-checkbox__background::before will not honor CSS variables in Edge. This means you will need to override this style manually for Edge if you alter the CSS variable for the primary color.

MDCCheckbox Properties and Methods

Property Name Type Description
checked boolean Setter/getter for the checkbox’s checked state
indeterminate boolean Setter/getter for the checkbox’s indeterminate state
disabled boolean Setter/getter for the checkbox’s disabled state
value string Setter/getter for the checkbox’s

Usage within Web Frameworks

If you are using a JavaScript framework, such as React or Angular, you can create a Checkbox for your framework. Depending on your needs, you can use the Simple Approach: Wrapping MDC Web Vanilla Components, or the Advanced Approach: Using Foundations and Adapters. Please follow the instructions here.


Method Signature Description
addClass(className: string) => void Adds a class to the root element.
removeClass(className: string) => void Removes a class from the root element.
forceLayout() => void Force-trigger a layout on the root element. This is needed to restart animations correctly. If you find that you do not need to do this, you can simply make it a no-op.
isAttachedToDOM() => boolean Returns true if the component is currently attached to the DOM, false otherwise.
isIndeterminate() => boolean Returns true if the component is in the indeterminate state.
isChecked() => boolean Returns true if the component is checked.
hasNativeControl() => boolean Returns true if the input is present in the component.
setNativeControlDisabled(disabled: boolean) => void Sets the input to disabled.
setNativeControlAttr(attr: string, value: string) => void Sets an HTML attribute to the given value on the native input element.
removeNativeControlAttr(attr: string) => void Removes an attribute from the native input element.


Method Signature Description
setDisabled(disabled: boolean) => void Updates the disabled property on the underlying input. Does nothing when the underlying input is not present.
handleAnimationEnd() => void animationend event handler that should be applied to the root element.
handleChange() => void change event handler that should be applied to the checkbox element.